school of hard knocks - an annual report

who (誰)
the new Lasalle College of the Arts building - it makes you wish you were a student there - image by J taken at last Saturday's Rojak.

Secretary Amps: Boss, it's been 368 days since you became boss...
Boss Amps:, yes, and you want a pay raise?
Sec Amps: For that I'll ask my real boss! No, just want to do a little interview about the past year, see if anything has changed.
Boss Amps: Oh, ask difficult questions.
Sec Amps: No lah, just wondering if there was one thing that really stood out in the last year - whether it was something you learnt, or thought about, or was most significant. Just one thing.
Boss Amps: [pauses and wanders off to watch America's Next Supermodel for the next 30mins instead] I's become really clear, especially when I think of the people I've met who are so unhappy doing what they are doing, that it's quite important knowing what you like and just doing it - not thinking too much. I've also met so many people who are doing just that. Taking that one step, then seeing where it leads, before taking the next. There's the uncertainty, of course. But for me, that also means getting back my own time. Although there are some really busy intense times, there are times - like this afternoon - when I can take some time off to watch a documentary about Louis Kahn... And that's another thing, getting to read and learn a lot more - about architecture especially. Louis Kahn, Alvar Aalto - I really like their work. And being able to think about the links between architecture and graphic design... What about you? What do you see?
Sec Amps: Hmm, maybe because I'm looking in from the outside, but I am just envious, jealous almost. I think it's been a great year for you, and some good work. Plus all the people you've worked and made friends with.
Boss Amps: But it's not all that rosy. There's the uncertainty -
Sec Amps:Yes yes, I know, growing the company etc...but you've got your own Mirra chair to sit on!

So ends our annual report. Friends, there are many other lessons of course, "practical ones" learnt the hard way about financials, production, deadlines, outsourcing, collaborations, competition, IPR... but for those, we'll leave it for the 4th, 5th, hey 10th anniversary.

exhibit A (展)
portraits taken for the company's annual report at the train station.


wheyface said…
sec amps, u r coconut case cos of dreaming?

s a or c c, i am like u, envious of fatty as charged. fat fat time, fat fat afternoons, fat fat mornings, sigh.
orangeclouds said…
great ampulets design logo by the way, the one with the shadow outlines of the two of you in mid-leap.

and wheyf, i read abt you in the papers! good luck with the programme.
ampulets said…
wheyface - coconut case cos of not enough dreaming time!

oc - thanks! J's work.

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