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I haven't quite organised my thoughts, but somewhere I think a pattern or some meaning will emerge. Or maybe not. Still, here goes...

Last weekend my sister left Singapore to start her undergraduate studies at York. I have not spoken to her since, but I've read a little of her life at York from her facebook. That same day, I met ru. The next day she would be getting back to the UK. Our parting words were - "see you online!"

It has been almost 2 years when I wrote this on the blog the day before J and I left for a holiday in Taipei. Tomorrow we leave for a holiday in Japan. Reading that post, I wonder what had changed. This evening I stepped out of the office at 11.15pm.

It's getting clearer that in the last 10months, the 3 things that matter most to me - God, sweet J (and by some extension, family and friends) and writing (not blogposts!) - have in fact suffered the most from the demands of my work. It's of course not right. Something must give. And it can't be any of the 3. Still I've tried to take it, one small step at a time - trying to keep in my mind's eye on some kind of ideal state after 5 years. It's becoming less clear if the trouble of getting there this particular way is worth it,

Finally! Some good news after a pretty demoralising (is that over-dramatising?) year - the short story mentioned here got accepted for the Malaysian anthology Silverfish New Writing 7. Yay!

Is there a common thread then? I am still not sure. Maybe it is just this, the blogposts - these markers of time.

On that note, even if it is a stray note from another octave, here is a most excellent blog discovered by J - reviewing not so much books, but their design! All form and all substance. And another here.


Unknown said…
have fun in nippon! cant wait to see the photos n_n
ampulets said…
japan's great fun so far...we're off from Osaka to Tokyo tomorrow! J's put up some photos on his flickr :>

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