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I drew and painted this today. The last drawing was 3 months ago. This year I made 16 illustrations. Last year, at least 60. This year I wrote 0 stories. Last year, there was, at least, 1. This year, I spent an average of 12 hours at the office, and maybe 1 hour outside the office thinking about work each day. For that, my bank account and paycheck boast of slightly bigger figures. Last year, I spent more time walking and talking with J and our family - and maybe even with friends. I'm not sure if these past 2 years were placed side by side, both sides of the equation would add up just right. But the truth - even if excuses are easy to find - is that whatever the numbers stand for and however they are valued, they reflect our choices.


Unknown said…
12 hours at the office ?!?! ∑(O_O;)

this will sound naive but adulthood doesn't sound fun to sb. and she is approaching it at a terrifying speed
wahj said…
I know what you mean ... both K and I have spent more time at work and less time with each other these past two years than ever before. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it all ... I think I could handle it as long as my holidays are sacrosanct, but even now they're being eroded away ...
ampulets said…
i think it is good to always keep in mind what is important, and make a constant effort not to take those things for granted. make time to do those things whether on your own, or with you love ones. when we grow old, any 'glories' from work and things we are proud of will fade away, but love will always remain. with that in sight, i guess it wont be rocket science what we should do now. :) - J, TOHA
ampulets said…
sb - no no fun at all. oh, btw, it just gets faster.

wahj - yah, but i wonder if we think of everything as a conscious choice, then we could actually not let the holidays get eroded - or even if they do get eaten up by work, it is because we have allowed them to...

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