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J getting all pensive at the start of the new year wrote this: "I have been thinking if it is wrong to not really think about new year resolutions at all. I guess, broadly, there are a couple of things I really want to do - more design work, take better portraits, invest/spend money wisely, make more friends, spend more great quality time with the wifey and my dad... Actually, if I did not pen all this down, or even thought much about it, would the year be still very much the same?"

Me? I started out more gungho about this whole resolution business. Right after Christmas, I decided on painting a kind of visual resolution. It ended up being a painting (photo above) of J sitting on a gold step with giant peace lilies. But once the new year at work started, I've not had a stretch of quiet to paint, so my painting-resolution remains unfinished until now (so much for resolve!).

Well, stretches of quiet are what I am sure my evenings will be over the next 4 days in a country where - I've been told - there is no auto-roaming for mobile phones ("you can rent a satellite phone for USD50"), possibly no or restricted internet access, and entertainment is... hmm, I probably should not be making any jokes about entertainment and men in uniforms. In a strange way, if not for the fact that I will be away from J, I am looking forward to the quiet.

Friends, amps wish you a quiet new year.


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