artist fantasy vol.1

J: Wah, you look damn sloppy. Time for a haircut.
Y: ...another time.
J: Sloppy.
Y:...artist mah.

[the next day]
J: Aiyoh. Look at your nails. Gross.
Y: What? oh... artist mah.

[later that evening]
J: Blur you. Always forget this and that.
Y: ... artist mah ... wah, good to be an artist hor, heh.
J: At this rate, you should start a project called "Artist fantasy volume 1."
Y: ... Not a bad idea.


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samuraibunny said...

eh 帅哥,
how can u say she's sloppy !!

y is right, artistic license extends to all aspects of life heehee

as long as there is no smell it's ok

ampulets said...

SB - no smell. yet. I hope. ;P

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