maybe tomorrow

it certainly wasn't yesterday!

It's been a long time since I felt like drawing my fellow train commuters. Last weekend, feeling more refreshed, I could not resist doing a quick sketch of a tiny old lady slumped in a corner seat (her outfit was too well colour-coordinated). J suggested the text Maybe Tomorrow:

Y: Hmm, yes... Procrastination - I like! It works well with the baby turtles suggesting longevity and the start of new life - so why must we always hurry?
J: Oh, what I thought was more like she was telling herself that she would live just another day, to die maybe tomorrow, but not today.
Y: ...ah.

That same weekend we celebrated Grandma Y's 88th birthday. She no longer remembers who she is. She barely remembers any words. She holds on to the angbao I gave her, but only for a moment, returning it to me with the words - "koochi koochi koochi".

Friends, at the end of it all, so little remain, so little matter.

remembered/forgotten (忘/記)


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