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Every time I have a chance to visit this school and observe its students, I think - there's hope yet for our small island!

If you've never had a reason to troop down to the School of the Arts/SOTA (their interim campus is the old Goodman Rd campus for LASALLE), the faculty and teachers there have given you more than one to do so this week.

From 13-16 August, this Wednesday to Saturday, the School's holding their first ever festival of student performances, film screenings, exhibitions and readings, together with performances and workshops by a rather impressive line up of experienced practitioners and educators. J and I will try to make to Thursday's series of evening performances.

Admission is free, but registration is required for some of the activities and I heard seats are going fast! The event calendar and various links are here, and the map to the school is here.


orangeclouds said…
nice design, J :) so they commissioned you to do it? that's cool. I like how it's not obvious what the hands are forming - and that it's just *hands*. think it expresses what the school and the festival are trying to do rather well.
ampulets said…
Thanks, OC. Glad you like it, especially for all the right reasons. :)

ya, was commissioned. been doing quite a bit of things for them. we caught the 'animal farm' - a play put up by a bunch or year 1s there, and was blown away. :) -ampJ

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