Formosa and the Invisible Republic

view from from 2005

Us amps will be on our way to here tomorrow, and if I complete this essay on art markets by 2am later on (ah, a prospect growing dimmer by the minute!), we'll bring you some live coverage of Formosa over the next week.

While we will, you don't have to miss this talk "Get yer ya-ya's out! The Rolling Stones in Singapore and other 'cartoon' adventures" tomorrow (22 November, 2.30-4pm, The Salon) at the National Museum on comics and political cartoons in 50s-60s Singapore, and the role of other "cultural workers" (pop bands, musicians) who were part of the "invisible republic" at the time of this island's independence.

And if you do make your way there, you'll be near enough to a bookstore where you can pick up a copy of Liquid City, a collection of comics short stories by illustrators and comic artists in Southeast Asia. The book is sitting on our shelf at the moment. I've not had a chance to read it, but oh, the cover art beckons!


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