what is XXXXL and 18 Grams light/heavy?

3/men (三/人)
This is what we've been doing instead of blogging about Taiwan.Click on images for larger flickr view.

The good folks at this research-driven architecture and ID studio moved not too long ago into one of the best offices in Singapore - the previous campus of the Trinity Theological College at the top of Mt Sophia (i.e. right next to Old School). More specifically, the company is housed in the College's beautiful 1969 chapel, its roof shaped to resemble the Chinese word for man "人" leading to a cross.

They asked if we could make some art for the large glass surfaces in their office, and we could not resist such flattery (heh)! Even harder to resist was their motivation and the brief they gave us - to create works that reflected their ethos and the site, engaged and were not too inaccessible to most folks, and resolved some "practical" issues of light/reflection/identity.

good/world (好/界)
"and it was good" - cities, trees and daydreams on a meeting room

J and I really admired their open profession of their Christian faith in a professional context, and how it seemed to ground the folks who ran the studio. As such, we made 3 illustrations inspired by Genesis and around the idea of creation/creativity, trying to tease out the kinds of relationships - positive or antagonistic - between creation/creativity that is divine or human. 2 of the 3 illustrations also continue the whole train-series we've been making, except that the idea of sleep and repose takes on a new dimension in a space that used to be a chapel! As you can see, we are really excited about seeing our usual images XXXXlarge and watching the folks walking by interact with them.

He/Names (他/名)
"to each of them he gave a name" - balloon animals, labour and rest, flesh and air, reality and fiction on the external wall

architecture/tree (築/樹)
"union" - 2 versions of a tree, natural and urban habitat

So friends, if you happen to be at Mount Sophia (like you wanted to get some exercise!) and if you see anyone coming out from the chapel-now-turned-design-studio, tell them how you much you like the illustrations on their walls! Of course, don't let loose that you've received specific instructions to do so by us...

And if you need an excuse to troop up to Mount Sophia, here's a good one: the screenings at Sinema at Old School. On the strong recommendation of friends, we will be watching Han Yew Kwang's 18 Grams of Love , last shown at this year's Singapore Int'l Film Festival. Watch and find out how much love really weighs.

So far, the reviews have been positive. We saw Han Yew Kwang's 2006 comedy Unarmed Combat on DVD and found it a very watchable debut feature film.

To find out more about the film:
> Watch the trailer here.
> Read a review of the film here and here, or an interview with the director here.
> Check out the Film's schedule at Sinema here. It will be screened daily from 4-13 December, but there's usually only 1 screening a day.
> Better yet, go watch the film itself!

To get to Old School and the previous Trinity Theological College campus: Take the train to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Exit the station and cross the road to MacDonald House. Walk towards the new condominium 8 Mt Sophia, and you'll find a flight of steps leading to the top of Mt Sophia. Take a deep breath (or two) and trek up. If you survive, both Old School and the ex-theological college are right across the road.


Unknown said…
very very cool!
how was tw ?? did u guys check out any of the biennale stuff?
wheyface said…
cool! will beetle up to take a look.
ampulets said…
Thanks!! Yes, go visit :>

SB, Taiwan was good, will put up something soon about it. But we didn't manage to go see any of the Biennale stuff at all :<

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