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Regret is not something productive, motivated and generally forward-looking folks are prone to feel. I don't have such ambition, but I don't want to regret wasting the time-off from work that I've been blessed with this year. So for a start, exercising some discipline for a drawing a day when I'm not at class or working on any assignments is the plan. That and spending more time with other folks.

Y: Boss, how about you? How's the new year looking like for you?
J: Must get our website up.
Y: OK.
J: And one or two more good, regular clients.
Y: Wah. Very task-focused.
J Well, as I'm aging...
Y: [aging?!]
J: ...I want to adjust and come to terms with the new rhythm of life.
Y: [what "new rhythm of life"?!]
J: You know, energy levels are down - physically, mentally. I don't want it to be an excuse. Must find the energy to want to do things. Not just exercise or work. But regarding everything.
Y: Er, you mean like motivation?
J: No, [shows irritation, a definite sign of aging] which part about what I said do you not understand!?

Friends, I'm not going to be pedantic about this "rhythm of life" business, but what I did learn about "rhythm" today is that our new KDK fan has this cool-sounding yuragi or more specifically 1/f yuragi function - "1/f Yuragi is a fluctuation pattern that makes people feel comfortable. It exists in the gentle breeze on grassy plain, hypnotic rhythm of rolling waves and even in the classical music."

It is also a patented technology for inter-mingling or weaving yarn by signals having a 1/f fluctuation, giving it supposedly a "natural, comfortable feel". "Yuragi" is also a title for a 1993 dance, an extract of which you can watch here. It can supposedly heal...And if you read Japanese and understand the general workings of biotechnology, check out the Yuragi Project. Ah, science - another universe to explore in 2009.


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