12-13 Feb

J: At the end of everything, it all comes down to the price of diapers [points at the article in The Straits Times about retirement/nursing homes across the causeway and the accompanying table comparing the price of adult diapers in Singapore and JB nursing homes]. You start in diapers, and end in diapers.
Y: ...
J: Last night I dreamt I was in a prison...or some kind of prison camp. There was this 1 year-old kid in the camp, but he could already talk. Together with another guy, we were planning a prison break. There were these people cycling up and down a slope nearby. I remember looking down and telling the toddler something. Suddenly, he touches my face and asks: "you have a baby or not?" He was reaching for my other cheek when I woke up. It was creepy!
Y: Creepy...


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