meet the people

"Afternoon Tea my MP", made by J with his phone and imovie
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And so, friends, this goes to show that laboriously going from apartment to apartment, knocking on your constituency's doors (and finding them out/ignoring you or obliging you with a 5-second smile from behind locked grills) is not as effective for getting a response on our island as simply offering free (*) fried curry puffs on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

At the void deck, Grandmas and Granddads were cheerfully filling in their names and addresses on the forms, collecting party balloon animals and, of course, their goodie bag of fried food. Ah, we couldn't resist the call of the void deck. So while we didn't meet the lady herself, we dutifully followed the example of our elders by also writing our little "feedback" about this on our form before...of course, collecting that bag of cholesterol.


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