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If you've time this weekend, make a trip down to the Singapore Art Museum where there's a show of works by Donna Ong, Vertical Submarine, Felicia Low and Twardzik-Chng Chor Leng - the four artists/collective selected to be this year's President's Young Talents. Alternatively, it's probably worthwhile to time your visit with the curator-guided tour, conversations with the artists, or better yet, to observe or participate in one of Felicia Low's workshops.

This year's exhibition includes a "People's Choice" segment, where you can vote for the artist whose work you most admire. I must confess that none of the works blew me away, although Donna Ong's sculptural installations are - as always, to me - considered and rigorous in both construction and thinking. But I've always been biased towards artists who have a direct engagement with the society around them, and who have an inclusive approach towards their art and audience. For this reason, my click on the vote button is likely to be next to Felicia Low's name - not just for the exhibition, but the work she seems to do daily.

You can view videos of the artists and their work, and submit a vote at this website. *shameless promotion for J* ampulets design did the environmental and communications design! I think it's great, another bias.


I've a soft spot for this space. But after 2 years providing its space for artists and various NGOs to meet, collaborate and present their ideas, the Post Museum now needs your contribution!

Click here to find out more about how you can give to. For starters, some projects that are easily identifiable include its hosting of the "Green Drinks" project; as well as its organisation of the "Soup Kitchen" project and Singapore Really Really Free Market. Of course, you can also help support the work it does more directly with artists by supporting its residency or exhibition programmes.

If all that sounds too daunting for you, you can also have a healthy vegetarian meal at its cafe, Food#03.


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