a sad oldie


I had just finished a cartoony drawing of J while he was attempting to draw me sitting across from him. We were both enjoying a post-dinner kopi 10pm last night. I asked if he would like any text under this quick portrait. He shot me this immediate reply, "growing old makes me sad". I said, "you're so depressing!". He said, "that's how a feel." I said, "..." He said, "..."

Well folks, I don't know about you but it's been a dreary week at work so far and next week promises to be hectic. But there's nothing like reviving an old project to distract. J's portrait has therefore acquired the comforting figure of Kidnap Bob and his depressing line works surprisingly well for Kidnap News 2 so far. Enjoy...


Unknown said…
Growing old is part of life. J, please enjoy everyone and everything around you today. Whenever I think of my past, I tell myself to enjoy the moment. Someone once said:
“Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.”

Cheers, Allen.
ampulets said…
thanks for the advice, Allen. it is the disintegration of health that is rather unbearable at the moment. agree totally though, about enjoying growing old, pple and life around us. it is adaptation the new phases of life, i guess. - jampulets.

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