J looking like he is 33. Oops, he is 33 in this photo.

10 years 2 months ago, we launched this T-shirt under our homemade "ampulets supplies" label. A man lies staring at the night sky, dreaming of the world's best BBQ chicken wings.

"Starry Starry Wings" was inspired by the world's best BBQ wings in the world, found right in Toa Payoh's Lorong 8 market.

Friends, the wings are no more. 

Don't bother making the trip with an empty stomach. And we won't be bringing them wings to your potluck sessions. Despite our pleading with him to reconsider his decision, Wing's mind was set. He has had enough of standing in smoke all through the night and the escalating price of frozen wings.

For some nostalgia, here's why we think they are the best wings in the world; and here's something about the neighbourhood that once had them.

As J and I walked past the market this evening under a full moon, ah - the absence of that smokey fragrance of five-spice in the air led us to compose this mournful eulogy to the opening melody of "Vincent":

Starry Starry Night
My chicken wings have taken flight -
Toa Payoh Lorong 8's joy and pride -
My tastebuds, they might as well have just died.

[Impt announcement: Wings has decided to get back to making the world's best BBQ wings in September 2015. In the meantime, he is warming up with satay. Woohoo.]


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