Sad is the Man

James bought The Observatory's 'Time of Rebirth' when it was released last year. I only listened to it recently, and I must say... wow. OK, i admit, it was the album design that first impressed me (i wished i had designed it, ah i would be so proud. Kinetic should be so proud).

The 2nd track has been in my head most. Killing time/killing time/long is the passage of time/sad is the man/with an absent mind. // so sad is the man/sad is the man/who lives by the sea/
blind news sad news
sad news 2 spread the news
sunset sunrise killng time/killing time/older the sea gets each day/sad is the man/who has walked away

If indeed we are wasting away each day, disappearing (starting from the fingertips?), there is no romance of the lyric, girlish lulling and numbing song, the promise of a chorus or refrain. And whatever pity, generously given, makes us poorer. So much for sadness! I'm gonna take a shower instead, sleep and wish for a nice flying kind of dream.


eh, your link to the CD doesn't work - but i will give the album a try. thank [insert name] for itunes!
ampulets said…
haha, yah, i don't understand html!
but anyway, figured out what is wrong with all my links already.

so it should work now. If not, go
aiyah - itunes doesn't have local band. have you seen them perform? they opened for this band last month or so ago - wanted to go but missed it.
ampulets said…
Nope. They performed some time last year (Dec?) at the Esplanade Studio. Missed it too, heard it was a good night. If you want to borrow the CD, sms me or something.

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