Sunset Dream

A painting I did some 3 years ago. The intention was to do a series of paintings on the adventures of a pet rabbit, set free. Haha, only managed to complete 2 paintings of that series - the rest are still nesting in my mind. James and I were at Bishan Park one Sunday evening when we saw a small crowd around a tree, staring at a white rabbit panting with fear. 2 metres away was a watchful cat. Both rabbit and cat lay quiet in the grass. What a dangerous world! And as dusk approached, would not the rabbit (abandoned or freed - is it only a matter of perspective?) desire a sail boat, cottony clouds, carrots and safe, creamy, warm bosoms?

Sunset Dream


Anonymous said…
Can't believe that some people confuse their pets with wild animals! These people should be made to live in Bishan Park for a month, with no access to any amenities, and made to hunt for their living, with electrically charged barbed wiring to bar them from rushing out to food courts, supermarkets, hawker centres, restaurants etc. Barbarians, go show your true colours!

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