in the navel of a muppet


It was similar to one of those LOTR personality tests, except it required less effort and a much more straightforward sense of honesty. You just typed your name in the space indicated on the excel sheet and...your ideal job appears.

Of course! Why hadn't I realised this before during my other navel gazes? I had thought about being a writer (aiyah, no Golden Point award for my story :< ), joining the family business, growing up to be or a a chwee kueh hawker...but a Muppet Impersonator! Of course, this would explain all those daydreams J and I (ok, mostly me) have about doing voiceovers for cartoons, acting in kids TV shows...and Aksi Mat Yoyo (with that catchy theme song in the lazy 5pm air of childhood).

So when an old friend from university I was having dinner with suddenly asked if I would like to volunteer for his church's puppet group that will be putting up a show at an old folk's home, I said "why not".

J and I went for their first practice earlier this week. The puppets look pretty much like the ones on the Muppet show and all. Plus it's a really funny gongfu script. And the best part about it is that the whole act will be in Hokkien*! Hmm, this last point will certainly make up for the fact that being a puppeteer is not quite the same as a Mupper Impersonator.

* Chinese dialect

Nov Update - The impersonator pic is adapted for a T-shirt design. See it here.


wahj said…
I really like this one - please tell me you're going to make this into a t-shirt, cos I'd buy it.
ampulets said…
aiyah, you must be sick of getting this reply already...

but the question is how how how?

we are planning to go down to the t-shirt factory this saturday or next for an answer. hopefully it's an an$wer our pockets will like.
wahj said…
have you considered cafepress?

You'd be able to sell to potentially anyone (though your local fans would find it odd to have to have their t-shirts shipped all the way from the US = ), and have a range of products you could print your images on. Mugs. Mousepads. Thongs. Not that you'd want to, but it's worth checking out.

They charge a base price for each item (t-shirts are 14.99) and anything you decide to charge above that is your profit, (e.g. if you price your t-shirts at $20, they take the first $14.99). Like it said, worth checking out, especially of the price of t-shirts here for small print runs is comparable.
ampulets said…
hmm, yah, stumbled on their website a while back. But thought since it was in America, didn't check it out further. Will go look at it again.

But we did go to a silkscreen factory at Paya Lebar on Saturday and we got good vibes about Mr Tan and his super retro print shop (no computers)! Of course, I forgot to bring the design (*duh*), otherwise the t-shirts would be done by this Friday. So this is another possibility...fingers crossed.

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