all in the name

our friend, wings - image remixed by J

Last night, the Jacky Wu lookalike who makes the world's best BBQ chicken wings sat down beside us at the hawker centre and suggested that we exchange phone numbers.

*exchange in mandarin
BBQ: Give me your number.
J: Why?
BBQ: When I run out of chicken wings or what, I can call you, warn you not to come down. Like today.
J: Oh yah, good idea!
BBQ: [looking at what J has wrote] Eh, I don't know English leh.
J: No lah, it's very easy, Jam.
BBQ: Ohr, JAM. Aiyah, your name, like the thing you spread on bread.

(He grins, showing a missing tooth and three more badly chipped teeth. Tearing off another little slip of paper, he writes his phone number and scribbles an English word under it.)

BBQ: Wings.
J: Huh? Really meh? Your name, wings?
BBQ: Yah, my name. [Smiles] Wings - so everytime I also win.

And Friends, this is why he makes the world's best BBQ wings. It's all in the name.


orangeclouds said…
Aiyoh, I lurve your blog. Trying to get some T-shirt action too, altho the pix are taking quite long to download. Mind if I put a link on my blog to yours?
ampulets said…
On! I was also about to ask you about adding a link to your blog too. Can yah?

Oooh, let me know about the Ts :> We are putting out a new design in Nov (fingers crossed).

Seeya when you are back in S'pore - christmas?
orangeclouds said…
Yup can can :) See ya at Christmas!
Anonymous said…
hi! i'm a friend of orangeclouds' (and we're in the same church, haha), who would like to know very much where this chicken wing stall is, because i live near PP and once took a drive with a friend through the PP side of PP and couldn't find it =)

thank you!
ampulets said…
Hi al & all chickwing lovers:
It's part of a hawker centre along TP Lorong 8...further down from the First Toa Payoh Primary School, by a major junction. There's a whole cluster of shops and a market, under the Potong Pasir Town Council. You can tell cos it's un-upgraded but homely old. The chickwings stall is at the corner of the market/hawker centre. He also sells just follow the smoke.

*warning - on some days, it's just satay. He's closed on Mondays, otherwise he closes at about 11pm (tho the wings are usually sold by 10pm). Your best bet is the weekend, but the wait is longer.
Anonymous said…
ah, thanks again. it's in Toa Payoh itself, not PP...hence my confusion. PP doesn't have that many coffeehops so i thought a quick drive through the estate would get me some chicken wings. =)
ampulets said…
actually his satay also quite good, but to be on the safe side, go by 9pm. We have a friend who tried for aout 5 times, but to no avail, cos she went at about 10pm. - TOHA

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