elections fever

Poster Boys at Potong Pasir
potong pasir poster boys watching us over breakfast - image by J

Over dinner, Pa Y told us that his factory was broken in last friday. But all the burglar took were a stack of old and worthless printing plates... among them were 2 plates used to print some material for Singapore Democratic Alliance's Chiam See Tong.

[This conversation took place in mandarin]
Pa Y: It's not so simple.
Y: Huh? What's so not simple about it?
Pa Y: Why? Why did this person break in to take all these old plates? At most they can be recycled for a hundred dollars. So I ask you why? Why when they are so many more precious things in the factory?
Bro Y: It was too dark. The burglars didn't dare switch on the lights lah. So they just took what they saw immediately.
Pa Y: No, I tell you, don't be naive! I tell you, there's something fishy! [responding to the laughter from around the table] Hey, don't laugh, I was a civil servant once when I was very young.I tell you, last time (ed: by this, he means the late 60s, early 70s) during elections I saw all kinds of things happen... and you know, there's the Printing Press Act back then...
Y: But what could 2 missing plates do to harm anyone? It's so inconsequential, please. [trying to laugh, eat and talk]
Pa Y: But I ask you, the printing plates are so heavy, the burglars will need a van - this is no ordinary burglar. And why didn't they use the trolley in the factory or take it with them? There's something fishy, I tell you.
J: Yes, father, hmmm I agree with you. In fact, you are right to notice that they didn't take the trolley to move the plates. I think, in fact, that they used a crane instead! This must be why. They drove a crane to the factory and used it to lift all the printing plates away!

Ah, I take it that this is what happens when a person burns with fever - he may get delirious. Pa Y to insinuate such conspiracy, and J for mocking the father-in-law.


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