gold's mine

To celebrate Mothers' Day, J's family had a potluck dinner Friday night. And since everyone was around, and Ma J had missed our wedding 3 months ago, we did the traditional tea ceremony thing as well. After serving a token cup of tea to the weepy mother, she presented us with a heavy red packet. We found in it a thick gold chain that any rapper with self-respect would be proud to wear.

Since neither of us reckon we will be in the mood for rapper couture any time in the near future, we figured the only use for the gold chain was for this:


ampulets present this graphic/banner for all who wish to download it for mothers - just click here!


Anonymous said…
wahh... kim1 lian3!! thanks.
ampulets said…
yah, next time I'll wear it with my baggy trousers. but must first find a big gold or diamond medallion/pendant for it.

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