I want I want...

my imitation of Blake's "I want I want!", except the magician's rabbit is already on the moon! This is #5 of the magician series, #4 is here and here.

Got well in time for my first printmaking class where I made the sketch above into a B/W monoprint!

Yesterday J asked me what I wanted. Not wanted to be. But wanted, in the largest sense - in "life".

I would like to think I want to be able to say this at the end, and then thinking backward from there, live accordingly. But it seemed hard to give such an answer at that time, when a whole set of seemingly "real, pragmatic" issues seemed to be on the plate. The price for daydreaming too much.


avalon said…
Wow where are you learning printmaking? I want to learn it properly too. The cheem techniques. Share more on it!
ampulets said…
NAFA only lah...it's a 1-year course, 1 lesson a week, 7-10pm. We are starting with monoprints, drawing directly on the inked plate/paper. Next lesson we'll try something with the press and more inks. Then throughout the year there'll be drypoint, etching, silkscreen...maybe woodblock, but that's quite straightforward.

It's really quite fun. It's a class of 7, and after a short explanation/demonstration, we do our own thing and the teacher gives advice/comments on technique etc. There's some prep work for the next week's lesson, sketches and stuff. So it really depends on what you want to get out of the class.

I was late so didn't catch the teacher's name. She's a young artist, teaching part time at NAFA. Pretty good so far, in a laidback but helpful kind of way. I'm sure if you want to join, they'll let you. it's just been 1 lesson.
tscd said…
I like your little rabbit. Is he crying?
Unknown said…
ooh preeetty. i like #5 better than #4 .. must show the finished product k!!
Anonymous said…
wonder why J suddenly ask you that question?
For you, i think you are in the comfort zone too long!
ampulets said…
tcsd- he's pretty much expressionless, though I think it is a greedy gaze.

sb - sure! this thursday.

just me - it was in a context of a conversation about the future, careerwise. I agree with you! I'm not one for change or daring, unfortunately. :<

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