us amps are happy with HK graphic design magazine idN's open policy of publishing all entries to their 15 anniversary logo design competition. J made 2, together with many many others whose names go from addison chen to zhu lei.

But on the topic of 15, friends, here's a trick I learnt about HDB lifts (or does it work for all lifts?) from a 12(?) year-old girl who got into the same lift as me, politely asked what floor I lived on, mis-heard my answer, pressed the wrong button, heard my correction, then - voila manages to clear the erroneous selection on the lift panel! I was amazed. But when I told J about it the little trick I had learnt, he just laughed with some disdain. Supposedly, everyone knows that all you have to do when you press a wrong button on the lift, say 14 instead of 15, you just have to simultaneously press all the buttons on the same row as 14 (say 13, 14, 15) and the lift resets to blank.


Anonymous said…
Any three buttons will do. That includes the open/close buttons. Don't think it works for newer lifts.
Unknown said…
oh gosH! i didn't know that either. but ben says the newer ones work that way.

but dodo says it doesn't work for newer lifts

either way i feel quite suaku hahaha

i will go home and try this.
ampulets said…
dodo-you are right, tested it out last night, any 3 buttons will do. :>

SB- welcome to the skclub.
tcn afen said…
hey yeah I'm gonna be in venice but not on those dates...gonna be there on the opening.
let's meet up soon yeah.it's been rough getting over jetlag and illness when I got back...
nevermind! I live in HDB nearly all my life i also don't know! (But then again, the highest floor i've lived on was 4th. Haha.)
Anonymous said…

how are you? we met at monsoonasia sometime ago.

i didn't know that either~! i feel empowered in lifts now~! thanks for sharing:)

by the way, have you heard of farm.sg? some of your work reminded me of them.

Anonymous said…
In addition to the lift trick, there's also the public phone trick (the one which is all metal including the buttons):

1. Pick up receiver.

2. Put coin into slot.

3. Let it roll in and phone recognises it.

4. Hold down the receiver as if to end the call and release.

5. Quickly take out the coin which rolls out at bottom and put it back into the slot again.

6. Keep repeating Steps 3 to 5 to increase the amount of money(time) you want to call.

I tried it many years ago. It worked then. Not sure now. Some of these boxy grey all-metal phones still can be found in places like SGH.
ampulets said…
derek - yah, aren't they the people who organise rojak and the recent URA postbox design competition? didn't think of them as illustrators though.

We've been hardworking folks since the Monsoonasia event ;> Hope you've been well!

gecko - J told me about this public phone trick too, aiyo, so naughty. I belonged to the nerdy/goody camp who would just call my friends from home, cos home is where good girls are.

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