Which I did not quite suffer from, despite Singapore being 6 hours ahead of central European time.

There is the comfort and relief of being home, and the discomfort of the weightiness of home. Travel, even for work, provides a kind of suspension. Perhaps it is because summer in Europe provided the shadiest of day, even at 9pm. Once in Singapore, gravity hits. And the heavy, moisture-laden air.

As promised, some silly comics during my visit to Art Basel, the Venice Biennale and Documenta 12- these are all I managed when I was awake on the hotel bed/train/plane. J told me his weeknights then were spent watching Matthey Barney's Cremaster Cycle (which showed at the National Museum of Singapore), trying not to cough, and working.

(1/2) J & Y appreciate art (3) Art appreciates! (4) J appreciates more art (5) Art appreciates Venice (6) J ____ work (7) Singapore artists appreciate Venice (8/9) amps prisoners of artwork

And contrary to what these smarty pictures seem to say, I did see some art I liked, remembered and learnt from. Yes, yes, besides the work - of course.


wheyface said…
a series of mock solemn moments in recognition of the arty farty?

the influence of edward gorey?

welcome home, the humidity and others missed you.
ampulets said…
the humidity sure missed me!

welcome back too, from that other island.

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