We put together the image above for Tiger Translate, a platform Tiger Beer has been promoting for some years now. The theme for us amps and 21 other illustrators and graphic designers is "Change". If you click here, you can also explore over a hundred illustrations on earlier themes such as "Merge", "Rise", "Gold"...yah, Tiger beery kind of words.

Incidentally, last month J and I bumped again into "Mr Elvis" from the image above! It had been some 2 years since we last sketched him on the train.

How did we know it was him? Well, how many train commuters do you know will bring their own foldable plastic stools/chairs for their commute?

So there he was again, seated on the same low stool set up near that same side of the train doors. Having sketched and worked on the image, it was also easier to recognise him.

But as if foretold by that theme "Change", Mr Elvis' proud coiffure from before was now a more tame bed of stingy curls. He seemed to have lost some weight. That faint smile and relaxed pose we had glimpsed 2 years ago was replaced by an expression and shoulders that spoke more of tiredness. We alighted at the same station as he did and actually made an effort to stay close. Yet as if shaken from a daydream, he and his folded stool disappeared from our sentimental story of hopeful retirement into the anxious march of the morning crowd.

The chinese text in the background reads:歲月不變 The Chinese text on the side reads: 本人陳來發,今年六十三歲,身体健康, 喜歡唱歌,聽音樂, 从小熱愛貓王。有空也去溜滑輪,在家写写blog,或和朋友喝喝啤酒。如今已退休,希望有位知心人共享春花秋月。虽然一切都隨緣,相信有心栽花花會開。賞花人請九三三四四一七九九,或電

Loose translation: My name is Chen Lai Fa, 63 years old, healthy, likes singing, listening to music, an elvis fan since young. When free, I also go skating, stay home to write a blog, or meet my friends for a beer. Currently retired, would hope to find someone to enjoy those autumn years. Although fate rules, I believe hope springs eternal. Interested parties please call 933441799 or email


ampulets said…
mr bowie says
(Turn and face the strain)
Don't want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time"
- Jampulets

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