t-shirts for a (good) cause

Lost without you. This design takes as its starting point Post-Museum's location in busy Little India. One of the Post-Museum’s stated aims is to respond to its location. Wherever we may be, perhaps having a sense of place is part of our sense of community.

This design is inspired by the spirit of collaboration behind two simple shop-house spaces, where people get together to create community and culture. 2 is better than 1.

The folks at Post-Museum have been raising funds for the work they do. Some time ago they asked if we could design a t-shirt for their fundraising efforts. So we did!

Friends, if you must buy presents for Christmas, can't resist another t-shirt (or two), and/or just want to contribute to Post-Museum's work, here's what you can do:
(1) Get 2 is better than 1 in XS, S, M, L or XL* for $30 each.
(2) Get Lost Without You in XS, S, M, L or XL* for $35 each. This is a limited edition t-shirt...50 I think.
(3) Get a set of both T-shirts for a discounted $60 only!

The t-shirts come with a tag that tells you a little about the design, Post-Museum and ampulets.

All proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts go towards Post-Museum's work.

To pre-order the t-shirts, email admin@post-museum.org.

Hurry hurry! They will also be available for sale at the Post-Museum's Food #03 cafe from mid-December onwards.

(For updates and getting your friends onboard, check out the facebook page.)

*About the Sizes: XS is 36 inches circumference round the chest. S is 38 inches, M is 40 inches, L is 44 inches and XL is 46 inches for men who gym.

Close-ups of the designs:


Anonymous said…
nice :D

When I had an initial glance at the "2 is better than 1" design on the supermodel's face, it looked like the outline of a christmas tree too!

ampulets said…
supermodels' faces are known to send subliminal christmas greetings ;>
Unknown said…
very cool!
i especially like the one with the map on it =)
ampulets said…
thanks ;> Happy christmas SB!

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