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Video from here. More from the Herb and Dorothy website.

A librarian and postal clerk amass lots of art in their tiny New York apartment. Sounds like the premise for a short story? Well, it's one of many films you can watch at the Design Film Festival.

I guess there are enough films about architects and designers (and the odd collector) - those folks who create so much of what we live in and live with - that they could constitute a genre of their own. Anyway, J and I are just glad two of our interests are coming together at this festival from 20-30 January at Sinema/Old School. Click here to find out more.

Writing this, I am also reminded of designers Charles and Ray Eames and the short films they made as another way to record or communicate their ideas; including the still amazing Powers of 10. Enjoy.

Video from this youtube link, but you can also view it from the official website that requires just a simple registration process.


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