looking at Mr B

Pa J is in hospital for a series of tests. On the bed beside his is a really shriveled up old man with a full head of hair. Let's call him Mr B. Mr B has not had any visitors these past 2 days. Because of this, J's family has been eyeing his quota of 4 visitor passes. To reciprocate, Mr B has been eyeing us these couple of days. His eyelids are heavy with sleep or else with age. But occasionally, he lifts his head ever so slightly and looks at us.

J: You see. How?
Y: What do you mean - how?
J: He is all alone.
Y: Yah. Poor thing.
J: How? We are going to be like him!
Y: . . .
J: We have no kids!
Y: . . .
J: Sigh. It's worrying.
Y: . . . Looks like I have to outlive you.

The recent petition by residents in Woodlands against the building of an elder day care centre at their void deck is something that we should be ashamed of as a society.


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