Practice makes perfect

On our island,  the phrase "mindset change" sometimes feels like shorthand for things we have given up on changing; the amorphous, indefinable and indefatigable "mindset". But with all things good, us amps believe that it's all about practice instead.

A lady and her two young daughters got on a crowded train in the Taipei subway. A grandpa urged his granddaughter to sit on his lap, so that one of the girls could share their seat. When she refused, he apologised to the lady by way of chiding his granddaughter: "這樣是不對的。你沒有練習練習禮貌啊,要多多練習練習禮貌。” The phrase he used is "to practise courtesy".

So friends, practise. Practise love, practise reading, practise exercise, practise kindness, practise courtesy.


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