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"Instructions for my wife / 写给妈妈的信" from BOTH SIDES, NOW on Vimeo.

Some of you may recall reading on this blog about Ma J's struggle with stroke. Years later, we are re-living some of what she went through with her family in this little video made under J's design studio ampulets. It features from illustrations, J's story, and a juxtaposition with healthcare professional Kenneth's own instructions for his wife.

J's words on the video:
"My mother struggled with stroke for a few years. When she died, I felt relieved. Relieved that she no longer had to suffer the helplessness and despair.  
Stroke is a scary thing. I watched as it stripped her of her physical and mental self. We watched and felt just as helpless - we could not do much to help her.  
I remembered vividly when we asked my mother why her head was always hung low whenever we took out her out in her wheelchair, she told us that she looked like a ghost. It hurt so much to hear that she no longer regard herself as a human being.  
All these memories of my mother came back sharply when Jasmine (one of the organisers of Both Sides, Now) showed us the recorded interview with healthcare worker Kenneth. He spoke about the importance of planning for one's last days, not only for your own sake, but for your loved ones.  
 "写给妈妈的信 / Instructions for my wife" is a conversation between my memories and Kenneth's advice - one about the past, and one about what can be done for the future. Most of us will spend all of our time striving to live well, but we hope this short film will inspire some of us to also think about how to leave well too." - J

Catch the series of animated films by film makers and creatives such as Wei Keong, Zhuang Brothers, James Tan and ampulets, illustrating stories told by healthcare professionals about their encounters with death and what these have taught them about living. Titled "Living Well, Leaving Well", this is just one of the artworks that make up the immersive arts experience that will take place on site at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital from 16 Nov- 8 Dec. 9.30am - 8pm.

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