Good Sweat again!

Good Sweat is a project that is always very close to our hearts because it allows us to work with folks we admire in a simple but meaningful way. And for J, it is right up his preachy alley. 

So while we thought hard about whether we should bring it back, when we finally decided to do it, we had an even harder time thinking about who to feature - there are just too many people whose work and person we love, and who embody the spirit of sweating the Good Sweat!

This year, we are real pleased these 5 individuals agreed to come on board:
  • Kenny Leck / BooksActually, J calls him his favourite Ah Beng bookseller whose tenacity and persistence can only be admired.
  • Theseus Chan / WORK, J's nickname for Theseus is the "Godfather of Singapore design". Theseus is a real gem, too cool for words!  
  • Tan Pin Pin, a dear friend and our all time favourite filmmaker who gave J his first "job"almost 10 years ago when he quit his "proper" job.
  • Edwin Low / Supermama, I don't know how he does the things he do. But when we first stumbled upon Supermama years ago when they had first opened at Seah Street, we didn't think such a store was possible in Singapore. 
  • Carrie Yeo / The Freshman. How many indie singers in mandarin do you know? How not to admire someone who pursues their dream everyday?

And of course, J cannot resist adding in one more phrase for the 6th hankie this year. 

This year, each Good Sweat hankie also comes with a calendar-poster that features all 12 phrases from 2010, 2012 and 2015.

As with 2012, we will be making a donation in the name of the project and from the sales to a charity. Most likely it will be to the same charity as 2012 - the Chen Su Lan Methodist Home for Children.

Each time it is always challenging finding companies in Singapore who will work with us in making these handkerchiefs. Partly because J is very particular about the quality of the work and people whom he feels he can trust. Secondly it is hard finding the right fabric. Thirdly, embroidery of the elaborate traditional/繁體 Chinese characters on thinner and finer fabric is more difficult to perfect...and more costly as a result. So we were real chuffed to find a young Singapore company Kamilinen to work with, using 100% linen from ethically sound sources. We like their youthful enthusiasm and attitude to doing good work.

So friends, check out our Neighbourhoods site for the latest; or like us on FB to not miss out anything.


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