"after learning to be their most wonderful furry and short selves in Issue 1, and struggling with the heartaches of growing up (some say growing old) in Issue 2, in Issue 3, Furrie and Shortie experience a kind of falling in love - falling in love with living and being alive."

Get all 3 issues in a bundle now and receive a Furoshiki free.
Get any 2 copies and receive a pair of hankies free.

Each copy/issue is $30. Price includes postage.

Email ampulets@yahoo.com.sg.

It's been a year since Issue 3 was completed and launched. I do miss these 2 characters, but for now, there doesn't seem to be more I have to say or draw with them, except for the random special events or occasions when they pop up to amuse.  I have about 50 copies of Issue 1 with me, and I think Kino may have more. But that's all there is of that 1st book. Perhaps in a few more years, they will finally all leave my flat!  


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