you quit, i quit

七月之謊 (July Lies)
poster by J

J's post, numero 2:

I popped the question to her today. She is still single. Still beautiful, in her early 40s, I think. She did not seem surprised. It was as if she read me like an open book. She smiled and asked me about my plans. I told her I have no plans, but I know it will be a period of explorations, experimentations. She told me she had expected me to pop the question. She had felt it would be so every year when she asked me about my performance. Her reply this time was short and sweet. You know you are absolutely dispensible when you ask your boss "is it ok that I quit next month?" and she does not even ask you to stay a little longer.

Y: So, congratulations!
J: ... for what?
Y: Well, for finally telling your boss you are leaving your job!
J: I guess it's about time. After 8 years of lying to myself that I can be good with this corporate shit, maybe even be a director or a consultant.
Y: Haha. Consultant.
J: Maybe I am still lying to myself now by quitting. to think that quitting would bring me some place better, that I can do something else different and make it in the outside world.
Y: Is that why the poster you made for that non-existent movie says 七月之謊, July Lies?
J: Yah. The biggest lies are made in July.
Y: That's depressing! You're really very drama, you know.
Melancholic J: That's me. I'm a melancholic.
Y: Haha. Meloncholic!
J: And you are corny.
Y: Yah, amaizeing that we are together hor. Haha.



Terz said…
Congrats dude! Welcome to our world.
Tym said…
Congratulations! And yes, it is amaizing indeed :P
ampulets said…
haha. Thanks guys. any secret hand-shakes? :)

If there is any freelance layout, design, filming, or whatever - do let me know if you think it is somethign that i can do. will be good to have some income. - TOHA
Anonymous said…
congrats congrats!!!!

shall keep a lookout for any stuffs you may find it interesting and hopefully exciting!

go for swims! go for runs! go for whatever! before you settle for your next new thing again.
tcn afen said…
yo sorry for the change again but different blog address now...had some new problems. check your sitemeter yah!
Unknown said…
wooo exxxxciting! nwo u can write yr screenplay =DD
Anonymous said…
Yeah :-D Everything comes and goes in their own time... and we all have to move on to the next stage in our lives.

More time to blog + other stuff leh...

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