A love supreme

tractor turtle
time project #14. Turtle and machine.

Secretary: Boss, do you know your business has just turned three? Praise God!
Boss Amps: Has it? Wow!
Secretary: Yah... er, still no time to put up the website proper huh?
Boss Amps: Clients' work come first mah.
Secretary: Yah, we're man, not machine.
Boss Amps: ...
Secretary: In the spirit of that, boss, I thought this year's annual report should not be about all that boring stuff. You know, how's work? what are the future plans? what was your favouritest project. Machines are slowly taking over all that. Let's talk about human stuff. Like music. After all, we're made to make music, the sublime stuff.
Boss Amps:It would be nice to play a musical instrument. Like after a day's work.
Secretary: What musical instrument do you play, boss?
Boss Amps: None.
Secretary: Ah. But say you could. What would it be?
Boss Amps: ...
Secretary: The trumpet? Miles Davis style.
Boss Amps: Yah, I did think about that years ago. But you know, it'll make my cheeks even puffier.
Secretary: ...
Boss Amps: Now I've been thinking...the double bass.
Secretary: Double bass! Just what I want to play!
Boss Amps: It's illegal for short people to play the double bass.
Secretary: It's a cool instrument anyway.
Boss Amps: Agree. Like the opening double bass in John Coltrane's A Love Supreme.
Secretary: Yah, best 4-note motif. Best jazz album ever.

So friends, that wraps up the third year for amps' design studio.

Watch a short recording of Coltrane's quartet in a 1965 performance below. You can listen to the first "track" of the 33min album here, but depending on your computer's speakers, you may not get much of a bass. So it's best to get the album of the 1964 studio recording with a copy of the original liner notes. In it, there's Coltrane's foreword and his psalm "A Love Supreme" which he "narrates" in music - wordlessly and so perfectly.


orangeclouds said…
Haha, this imaginary dialogue is funny ;) Congratulations guys on your third year, and yes, praise God.
monk said…
boss amps sure does "..." a lot. a man of few words, who obviously saves his best for last.

i will never tire of that song. i would love to hear something better, but it hasn't happened yet.
ampulets said…
OC - thanks! Next year we'll have a celebratory cake and will make sure you get a big slice! hee. ;P

monk - I so agree with you about Love Supreme. Nothing has come close in depth, breadth or height!

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