The Colour of Money


Pink the colour of Health. Blue-black is definitely the colour of this somewhat bruisy, pent-up Monday. And green, is green the colour of money?

Well, I wouldn't know.

This is our first "commissioned" work by an organisation/corporation (it's mainly James' design). As such the subject is not a friend or someone we have any reason to be especially fond of - here's a <clue who she is.

But really, it's still unpaid work. One day, it would be nice to be able to make some money doing this and quit the day job!


Cowboy Caleb said…
oh pls tell me that's not Ho Ching sitting down there with a big grin.
ampulets said…
heh, nope. I guess the clue's a little oblique :>
Anonymous said…
CJ's qian jing?
ampulets said…
(i didn't say it ah)

but smart, anonymously.

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