happy geekdom

Today I have become the proud owner of a super geek Wacom intuos3 tablet! This smart piece of technology allows the user to paint and colour on the computer as if handling a real (air)brush. J (smarter, and infinitely sweeter) cleverly tempered all its geekness by giving it in a happy green Marimekko tote bag. Bonus gift!

And now back to "painting" with my new toy - the finished pics will be up over the weekend...Good night, good night friends!


wahj said…
extremely cool: do show us the illustrations when done!
orangeclouds said…
hey is it your birthday or summthing? or do u just hv an exceptionally sweet bf?

oh AL recommended me these two taiwanese bands 自然卷 and 929. The first is female-fronted and quite xiao (in a Pizzicato Five meets St Etienne kind of way) and the second is mellow and slightly retro sounding. Have u heard them? U might like.

Also the new Stef Sun album has two good tracks (fun yet edgier than yr average mando pop ditty), one written by the 五月天guy n another by Chet Lam.
Tym said…
You are lucky!

And so will we be, when we see the spiffy new illos :)
hey, happy birthday my friend!
ampulets said…
oc - yup, my b-day...but also J is extremely sweet lah! I've heard the Stef Sun. Saw the ZiRanJuan album before, ok, will go check it out. Have you also heard Sandee Chen (Chen San Nee), Chen Qi Zheng and Chen GuanXi? All 3 are Taiwanese.

ru - thanks!
tym,wahj - aiyoh, with the tablet/pen thing, I actually take longer with the pics...but it's pretty fun to use.
orangeclouds said…
Not heard Sandee and Chen Guanxi. But yes I rather like Chen Qizhen. In fact, she's playing now :)
Unknown said…
tablet! JEALOUS! OMG !!

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