it's only just begun

fingerlickin'good gift
A finger lickin' good wedding gift from L & G - a stuffed chicken wing and drumstick from G's 2003 "Dreamland Delicatessen" exhibition. Yumm, comfort food for daydreaming.

The wedding was surprisingly quick and painless.

So quick it was that J forgot to take photographs until towards the end, and we did not manage to get any photographs of friends who had so gamely turned up in their favourite t-shirts for our planned poster project. Thank goodness for a whole table offriends who are photographers or just real photo buffs. I think that table of 10 had more cameras and lenses than human bodies!

Whatever pain there was at this wedding, I guess the bulk of it was somewhere inside Pa J. Graciously he had attended the solemnisation and lunch, and graciously he played host to some of the relatives. All this while, according to J's sister, this 72 year-old man has been waking up in tears each morning to an empty bed.

The wedding is only the beginning. The vows say so. The pastor reminded us. And Pa J knows this best.

J: Do you not wonder why all this is happening when we are finally getting married?
Y: Yup.
J: What can the reason be?
Y: You mean, like are we meant to learn something? Or if it's some kind of...omen? [biting into her first BBQ chicken wing in what must be a whole month!]
J: I don't know. Maybe.
Y: I guess everything happens for a reason since God is in charge.
J: Yes, but why now? [pushes the dish of chilli sauce closer to Y] This chilli sauce today is super shiok.
Y: Hmm... it's happening now because if it had happened any earlier, you wouldn't have me with you - and 2 people dealing with this is better than 1? Good timing.

So friends, though all this may still seem pretty gloomy for a post-wedding post (!), let ampulets assure you that we are real glad that this is only just the beginning - hence, this picture.

Photo of J by a grotty wall in Taipei. I was added in later and the wall was "extended" in photoshop. The landscape was drawn in directly with the trusty Intuos. Cranes are a symbol for longevity, but they can also be taken to symbolise a lifelong marriage!


wahj said…
Congrats guys!

Anyway, I've said this in flickr, but I'll say it again here: that picture is really cool! I didn't realise you'd drawn the "mural" yourselves - I thought it was a real wall. Great work guys.
Unknown said…
congrats! now u guys are seriously inseparable the world better watch out =P
ampulets said…
Thanks, Wahj. Thanks for the photos and the montages you have done for us. really like them. can't wait to see all the others! - TOHA
Unknown said…
ooh ooh also, where r u going for honeymoon??!!
ampulets said…
haha, our "honeymoon" so far has been at tanntockseng hospital or the AMK community hospital!nah, we thought we'll do away with a
"honeymoon" in the conventional sense of the word. Or shall i be romantic and declare every day and holiday a honeymoon? ;P
Unknown said…
mm ... sounds like my "holiday" in singapore
shadow said…
Congrats! :-)))

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