Drawing 1 of Kidnap News 2! can't access my @&$*flickr acct, so not sure if this image can be viewed larger

L amazed us one night by saying that as he grew older, he looked forward to growing old. Ah, the horror, the horror. L smiled and added how he was happily looking forward to turning 40. J was incredulous.

Perhaps L was speaking of a mental and emotional reality. And perhaps J, observing Ma and Pa J, is terrified of growing old - of its material and corporeal reality. The former is of gain, the latter of loss.

Today, I realised I was wrong to imagine time can be stolen. We are never robbed of it. Busy-ness is a poor excuse I've been making. Time cannot be taken away from us, since it is never ours to begin with. It's just a slippery thing.

So it was that last night, J and I decided to bring back our friend, Kidnap Bob! Only this time, Kidnap Bob will not only meet with kids, but grandpas and grandmas too. Will Kidnap Bob only be accused of abducting the young? Will Kidnap Bob be as popular with our frail and aged as he was with kids? Where has Kidnap Bob brought grandma and grandpa to? And will Kidnap Bob ever prove his innocence? I am looking forward already to the weekend with my notebook!


yes, image can be viewed VERY LARGE.

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