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"one day, the great wall"

On our way to brunch -

J: Hey look [pointing at a rain tree across the road], that tree looks like a bonsai!
Y: Er, there's something wrong with what you just said...
J: What? Don't you think it looks like a bonsai?
Y: That's a - [pauses to count] 8-storey tall rain tree -
J: So?
Y: So? A bonsai is made to look like a giant tree, you're not supposed to say a tree looks like a bonsai!
J: ...

But I guess trees in Singapore are so regularly pruned, their lower branches sawed off and their crowns shaped, such that they are - like bonsais - bearing the marks of man's imitative art.

I will always remember my sister, then aged 5, asking "cheche, what is rice made of? flour?" And in my head, the picture of a factory line of women, their mouths under a mask and hands in gloves, dutifully shaping the tiny white grains we know as rice from mountains of dough.


so inquisitive your sis... and u - what an imagination! =)

btw, i'm jealous of your penang feast...
Got your package yesterday. You guys very kind. Thanks!!!
ampulets said…
hope it provides some entertainment while waiting for the kid to appear! people stop getting presents once they become parents...that's not right.

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