trumpet tree viewing

old/flower (老/花)
images by J

From our fifteenth floor flat, we can see the top of trees - their varied shades and flowered crowns.

In the month of September, or round about the seventh lunar month, the trumpet tree (I think that's what it is) blooms and rains down its flowers.

J: It's our cherry blossom!
Y: Yah, like cherry blossoms! Pretty ah.
Old woman: [in Hokkien] Super pretty.
Y: [in a semblance of Hokkien] Very pretty.
Old woman: Every year around this time, these trees are like this. Sometimes all the way until the eighth month.
Y: Is it?
Old woman: This morning, wah, the ground was all full of flowers. They sweep it away already, But this morning, wah. Super pretty.
Y: If you look down from the window, the whole tree top is flowers.
Old woman: I can't go to the window ah. [gestures at the wheelchair] My legs are no good, afraid I'll fall.
Y: Yah, better to be careful...
Old woman: [sits watching the flowers while we walk off] Super pretty.

Cherry/Blossom (櫻花) white/out (白/開)


L said…
yah, there are quite alot of these beautiful trees around and i especially remember a particular one by the roadside of bendemeer while on my way to work.

perhaps there can be a grouping of the trees so that we will have a field of pink during this time of the year!?
ampulets said…
Yah! We do have lots of beautiful flowering trees.

J thinks we can find a field, scatter lots of seeds from that tree, and wait for years later to find a field of pink. Aiyoh. Years later that field will only spout a condo or shopping mall ;)

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