how old are you

images by J

Do you remember how it was when you were young and random relatives would remark to your parents - “Wow, he/she has grown so much already!” or “長這麼大了!”. Not being very tall, this remark never appeared very sincere to me.

Perhaps J and I are now at a stage in our lives when the passing of time is marked not by the next school year; not by the prospect of graduation, a job or a promotion thereafter; not by the weddings or even the baby showers of close friends. Instead, it is starting to be marked by how quickly the kids around us – since we have none of our own – seemed to have grown.

J to a boy at church: Hello.
Boy: Hello.
J: How are you?
Boy: Hmm. Six.
J: Not “how old are you”… How are you?
Boy: Oh. Today, I’m fine...
Boy: But yesterday was not so good.


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