On Inheritance

I have more things than I ever need. In fact I now have double everything I ever need. 

J was not a connoisseur of fine wines, fancy cars, flashy watches...well they are out of our reach anyway but he never desired them. He did, however, enjoy things that were thoughtfully made and had a knack for searching out some pretty obscure brands and makers. For example, J had nice clothes (more cupboard space of it than me) - some of which I have started to wear, boyfriend-style! He liked his technical gear, because they epitomized the marriage of form and function. So for someone who is supposed to avoid extreme outdoor activity, I now have 2 well made backpacks and a set of amazing collapsible camping chairs.

This is what I learn when you lose someone - the abundance of things they leave you with. These treasures they have no need of anymore in their new heavenly home. 

Your gifts have comforted me because they speak of your love. His things, they comfort the way an inherited debt would, as a sense of responsibility; as something you want to shed but cannot, not completely; and as a perverse indulgence. I know that sounds harsh - it is not. They are things you have to, can make your own. And so for friends who have come to adopt his plants, thank you for sharing this comforting burden.


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