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Friends, in the general mood of these long days of yearning for foreign places, daydreaming time and journeys, ampulets-supplies present our second series of greeting cards "To the End of the World and Back". Send them off to friends, family, heck - that girl/boy next door, and see what comes back.

As with the first "Those Happy Days" set of cards, the cards are blank inside and are packed with an envelope and work-tag. Email us (ampulets at and we'll send you the luurve -

links to posts that first had these illustrations on the cards:
Going Places
To the End of the World & Back
Just me
Silent Night 1 & 2
Time to go


hey, i want some. Funny you have to send them here to me, and then i'll probably be sending them back to friends in singapore.
ampulets said…
funny but apt - given the title of this series ;P

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