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a drifting line

Click on each image for a larger view JasN (B in the above sequence) suggested that we record our experience listening to and queuing for the inspiring Yoshihiro Tatsumi in a single panel drawing. Being less disciplined, we needed fifteen panels instead to mark the start and end of our groupie fanboy/girl days. And of course, the amazing 74 year-old artist wins our respect for his tireless dedication to signing/drawing for the line... Well friends, while we enjoyed our Sunday afternoon pondering the intricacies of whether one should order 10 packets of prawn mee if there was a long queue standing behind, we recommend that your afternoons are better spent reading his short, sharp and shock(ing) stories instead. They have been collected, translated and published by Drawn and Quarterly in three volumes thus far. The manga master's lengthier autobiographical tome A Drifting Life moves at a less punishing pace, but nonetheless leaves you wanting to read more. If so, there&#

the interim

Picture Tennis: The first serve was the fat caterpillar. J and I played picture tennis just before I went back to work some 6 weeks ago. I've made no drawings and done no writing since. My body is adjusting - and forgetting. But I hope not to forget the lessons of the year out and the possibilities I imagined. Hmm, alright. There should be a proper blogpost soon...or perhaps installment 1.3 of My Life as a Magician's Rabbit. Right now, folks, it's pitch dark in the tophat!