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on the slow lane

J and I have always liked taking our bicycles to the reservoirs or neighbouring towns . Well, its our way of pretending we are kids on scooters in Taipei, zipping around and out of the city. But for the last few weekends, we thought to venture further for some domestic tourism . From Toa Payoh, we visited Ubi's industrial estates, the Marina Barrage , the East Coast and Seletar. All photos in this post are by J We saw many things along the way, but for me, these 3 stood out: Lovers Because scaredy cat us would not go on the roads, a large part of our journey was through the ingenious park connectors that the National Parks Board had devised. In the various stretches along the Kallang river, starting from Potong Pasir to where the river meets the bay, we would often go by lovers on the park benches, under the trees or spread out on plastic ground sheets. They were chatting, listening to the radio, exhausting a bag of chips and doing everything else that lovers do. Thai, Burmese,