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all good reasons

It's been quiet on this blog for a few years now. A filmmaker mentioned how it had seemed so alternative when she did a bloggers' preview for a film, but now some 6, 7 years later, the idea of a blogger seems terribly passe. But it's been quiet on this blog because several projects over the years have been distracting J and I outside of work. The latest? Goodcraft, under Neighbourgoods  (ampulets supplies' successor), the product label that spun off from J's design studio ampulets. This little show opens on 1 November 2013, at Dwelling Concept's gallery space at 261 Waterloo Street, #02-30, and runs on 2-3 November from 1-6pm.  J and I will be there for a chat and to say Hi. So don't be a stranger.  Read on the Neighbourgoods website about t he building and its hood . Because if you do make the trip to Waterloo Street, make sure you open your eyes and mind to the heritage of the area (you can download the WalkSingapore app for the Bras B

The Union Cafeteria

Image by J Bus interchanges are like airports for folks who don't fly for business. Ok, the comparison doesn't always square, but like airports, it is a meeting place and a point of transit, a some time interchange for relationships and identities. For example, when I transfer from the train to the feeder bus home at the bus interchange, I already start feeling that I am home in the queue - the work persona and everything associated with that public and professional space is shed. The bus interchange at Toa Payoh has two eateries. One resembles a mini foodcourt, with a small seating area and contiguous stores manned by folks in uniforms. The other is a tiny cafeteria with 2 round tables in the middle and 2 small rectangular tables by the side. This cafeteria acts as the bus drivers' mess but is also open to the public. The cafeteria is run by the transport workers' union, or so it says on its sign. Like airport eateries, these eateries also serve as a meeting p