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Rhythms and repetitions in Taipei 2015

Photo by J - Taipei night light It's old news that some things in Taipei don't change...and neither does the itinerary of our visit every other year. [See  for past trips] But as with every trip, we would always discover a few nice new spots in the city.  Here are some that we were at first loathe to share because we wanted them to ourselves, but hey, our friends and the city have been generous to us, so we can only be generous back!

Good Sweat again!

Good Sweat is a project that is always very close to our hearts because it allows us to work with folks we admire in a simple but meaningful way. And for J, it is right up his preachy alley.  So while we thought hard about whether we should bring it back, when we finally decided to do it, we had an even harder time thinking about who to feature - there are just too many people whose work and person we love, and who embody the spirit of sweating the Good Sweat! This year, we are real pleased these 5 individuals agreed to come on board: Kenny Leck / BooksActually, J calls him his favourite Ah Beng bookseller whose tenacity and persistence can only be admired. Theseus Chan / WORK, J's nickname for Theseus is the "Godfather of Singapore design". Theseus is a real gem, too cool for words!   Tan Pin Pin, a dear friend and our all time favourite filmmaker who gave J his first "job"almost 10 years ago when he quit his "proper" job. Edwin Lo