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On Walking

Image by J of a cat - his spirit animal. He took this 7 Jan 2019, and published it with the caption "Be still, and know that I am God..." Walking is grounding.  When you are walking, some part of your body is always in touch with the ground.  Walking together with J was something we did everyday. It was J's preferred mode of transport. And wherever he walked, he was very observant of the world around him. He saw faces, shapes, light and shadows - stories in things and places most people would overlook. I enjoyed walking with J because of this, and because I liked to hold his hand. It was a way of grounding for me.  Image taken on one of the COVID walks, Walking is motion.  At the start of the COVID restrictions, taking a post-dinner walk was my daily routine. Those months there was also an outbreak of dengue all over the island, hence I walked only after the sun has set and the Aedes mosquito was less likely to bite. My typical route was a 45min leisurely stroll around th

arts and crafty

Even though the Furrie and Shortie comics are my crudely drawn images, the actual design and production quality of Issue 1 were anything but crude - J’s meticulous and fastidious work. Issue 1 was printed on sustainable and textured paper from RJ, thread sewn with an exposed bind, and shrink wrapped with a hard board.  The designers for Issue 2 and 3 (thank you Sean Tiang and Koh Wei Ting, respectively) continued in the same vein. For Issue 3, we decided to push it further with a full-colour print for the whole book, plus 3 fold-out spreads. I wanted this series to end in a manner that was respectful of its balck-and-white minimalism, but also different. Why shouldn't it end in full colour Unlike J, I am very lo-fi. He called me “arts and craft” (it wasn’t meant to be a compliment). While our tastes are similar, we differed in our sensibilities. The designer in him considered and wanted absolute control over everything. I am happy to let the process play out with all its quirks sin