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On new old things

I think this is a Pachypodium brevicaule when alive. It is now wrinkled and hollow, but its form is still beautiful. If you visit me and see dried arrangements of flowers or random leaves and twigs, chances are they were preserved by J. In the last two years, with J gone and then with the time spent working from home during COVID, I discovered two things: One, there really was a whole lot of dried bits of plant all over the house! I didn't notice them the same way before. Even though my housekeeping task was wiping the surfaces of the shelves and cabinets, I saw but never gave much attention to these little creations and actions of his - a leaf tucked between two books, an arrangement of dried leaves and flowers in a small bottle, an entire branch held to a magazine or a shelf by some clever clip... Two, these bits and bobs of dried plant reflect J's love for his plants. If you care for something, you care for all of it - even its remains, what it remain somewhat fa