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Some Dreams are like Country Music

Some Dreams are like Country Music  is a kind of secret book and soundtrack made for all you lonesome cowboys/girls/humans. It’s made small so you can tuck it into your saddle bag, together with other desert essentials, such as a photo of grandma and a sweet harmonica. And on a sleepless night as you lie down under a moonlit sky…you can reach for it to keep you company. Ok, let me translate that.  Some Dreams are like Country Music is an art book. It is a collaboration between ampulets and leather artist Tze Ling  @secondnatvre . I wanted to make something small, physically and artistically. I thought it was time, after all the elaborate projects the last couple of years, to make a small book of tiny drawings and mini stories with a very clean, compact emotional palette, one that you can hide inside you. Like the lyrics of a song. 8 dreams: fiction and small fancies I don’t dare to call poems. (Watch the video in Image3) There is also a QR code where you can download a playlist of son